Container Sizes

Knowing the correct size of container to use is difficult. To try and help ease the process we have put together a table which contains the dimensions of our most common container types. Please choose the type of container you would like to view dimensions for:

Standard Container Sizes

External Length (m)External Height (m)External Width (m)Internal Length (m)Internal Height (m)Internal Width (m)Door Width (m)Door Height (m)Capacity (cubic mtr)
20ft Tunnel6.062.592.435.842.392.352.342.2832
20ft Open Side6.062.592.435.
40ft High cube12.22.892.4312.042.692.352.342.5876.2
20ft Open-top6.062.592.435.962.352.352.342.2833
40ft Open-top12.22.592.4312.042.352.352.342.2867.6
External LengthExternal HeightExternal Width Internal Length Internal HeightInternal WidthDoor WidthDoor HeightCapacity (cubic ft)
8ft8ft7ft 6in7ft7ft 6in6ft 6in6ft 6in6ft 6in6ft 6in351
10ft9ft 10in8ft 6in8ft9ft 3in7ft 10in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 5in561
20ft20ft8ft 6in8ft19ft 4in7ft 10in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 5in1170
40ft40ft8ft 6in8ft39ft 5in7ft 10in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 5in2386
20ft tunnel20ft8ft 6in8ft19ft 1in7ft 10in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 6in1130
20ft Open Side20ft8ft 6in8ft19ft 4in7ft 10in7ft 6in7ft 5in7ft 8in1170
40ft High Cube40ft9ft 6in8ft39ft 5in8ft 10in7ft 8in7ft 8in8ft 5in2700
20ft Open-top20ft8ft 6in8ft19ft 4in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 8in1170
40ft Open-top40ft8ft 6in8ft39ft 5in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 8in7ft 8in2386

Flat Pack Container Sizes

ProductLength (m)Width (m)Height (m), flat packedHeight (m) assembledDoor Width (m)Weight (kg)
3m Galvanised Store
3m Powder Coated Store3.
4m Galvanised Store4.
4m Powder Coated Store4.

Flat Floor Bunded Storage Containers

External Length (m)External Height (m)External Width (m)Internal Length (m)Internal Height (m)Internal Width (m)Door Width (m)Door Height (m)CapacityBund Capacity (cubic mtr)Bund Capacity (ltr)
8ft2.438 2.26 2.22.2872.0582.1122.106 1.9499.940.29290
10ft2.9912.5912.4382.842.392.352.342.2815.950.40 400

Raised Floor Bunded Storage Containers

External Length (m)External Height (m)External Width (m)Internal Length (m)Internal Height (m)Internal Width (m)Door Width (m)Door Height (m)Overall CapacityBund Capacity (cubic mtr)Bund Capacity (ltr)

Bunded Flat Pack Chemical Store Sizes

FinishLength (m)Width (m)Height (m), flat packedHeight assembled (m)Door Width (m)Weight (kg)
Galvanised with Powder Coated Doors2.162.3050.3 (approx)2.2471.9670
Galvanised with Powder Coated Doors2.163.080.3 (approx)2.2471.9805
Galvanised with Powder Coated Doors2.164.080.3 (approx)2.2471.91010