One trip containers are manufactured in China and have been used to bring cargo into the country on a single journey from China to Europe, i.e. "One Trip". These containers are built to exacting ISO standards but are much cheaper than a container built in Europe. One Trip containers are the standard container supplied in the UK and Europe.

The delivery charge depends on the type & size of container you are buying and your location. Contact us on 01449 782123 to get a fixed quote for your container including delivery.

Yes, visit our www.portablespace.co.uk site to browse our full range and buy online. Call our helpful team on 01449 782123 if you need any assistance.

Yes, you are welcome to come along to our Suffolk headquarters and see how your container conversion is progressing.

Depending on complexity, once the final drawings are agreed, typical build time is between two and ten weeks. The timeframe is always discussed before proceeding.

Yes, we can put in a range of features from a simple door or window to more complicated configurations.

We offer a number of standard designs from stock but can build to architect drawings, as long as it has been designed to meet building regulations.

Yes. We have a specialist team of welders, carpenters, floor layers, paint sprayers and electricians.

Yes in most cases it is designed to be suitable for shipping.

Shelving, wheels, levelling feet and additional door security.

Yes we do, unlike some of our competitors. Flat Pack hire is available throughout London and the South East.

Yes, in a Flat Pack from our bunded range.

It depends on the size and type of container, but typically one to two hours.

You will need a 19mm socket and spanner, as well as a flat screwdriver.

The pack can be broken down and each component lifted by hand. The floor is the heaviest part and will need at least four strong people to lift it.

In a pack, craned off our lorry as near as possible to the delivery site.

We offer a survey service, the cost of which will be refunded if you go ahead.

Yes. Please follow this link: portablespace.co.uk/

Please ask about our flexible hire service which is for a minimum of four weeks.

If you have any concerns, you are welcome to come along and choose your own container at our Suffolk headquarters. Alternatively we can send you photos.

It will be delivered and offloaded with a crane by one of our team of trained and experienced drivers.

If you would like doors and windows, please ask about our container conversion service.

The container is designed to be level on all four corners, depending on ground conditions and the weight of the contents. Smooth level concrete or hard-core is fine or on grass you may need four paving slabs. If you are storing a very heavy load, you may need foundations.

Some people find this more difficult than others, but please ask about our easy-opening doors which are usually available from stock.

Our One Trip containers come complete with a factory-fitted Lockbox and we supply a padlock to fit inside. If you are buying a used container, we can fit this as an optional extra.

Yes it can be if you are storing damp goods or materials. If you are concerned about this, we can apply Grafo Therm to the internal sealing of the container which will absorb moisture and solve the problem, allowing evaporation through the vents.